Our mission is to guide talented teenagers within the United States foster care system towards an opportunity for a secure and successful future in the beauty industry. Join us.
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About Us

Our VISION is to help youths who are lacking the family foundation and stability build and achieve their dreams of working in the beauty industry.

We aim to provide scholarships to fund their beauty school training, assist through the licensed exam process, provide internships and hands-on training in our beauty salons, educate in basic business skills, and offer assistance with job placement.

Our Projects

The Anastasia Brighter Horizon Foundation will assist those lacking the family foundation and stability to build and achieve a career in the beauty industry. Through scholarships their beauty school training will be paid in full. We will provide education in basic business skills, assistance in the licensing exam process, and job placement support. Through the Anastasia Brighter Horizon Foundation our students will gain the knowledge and guidance toward becoming responsible and self-sufficient adults by creating an environment that brings dreams within reach.